January 30, 2016

Internship Program


Ventures Internship Program

At Authentic Venture, we build a great internship program, where many talented and excellent individuals (who are great at teamwork too!) have been born. Here, we push you to be the best. To discover your inner strength and to develop you into an outstanding individual who is hungry for growth and success. We value our interns and our interns have real working projects just like real working world.

We love our interns!

…and our interns love us! We value our interns and treat them just like a real working engineer! All our interns work on real projects and we also have a structured internship program to ensure that our interns achieve the best – not only for our company but also for their career development. Furthermore, we also provide mentoring so that our interns will never feel lost and will be able to advance exponentially.

R&D Intern

Our R&D interns will mostly work as engineer and programmer, improving, testing and supporting our existing products and also work in a team to engineer new products.

Sales & Marketing Intern

Our S&M interns will be taught on web marketing strategies, techniques and areas to work on. Our interns will also make/take phone calls, interact and provide support to our customers either online or offline, join exhibitions/fairs, administor websites, etc.

Multimedia Intern

Our multimedia interns will work on producing videos, presentations and promotional materials using the latest applications, to complement the Sales & Marketing department. Our multimedia interns will also work alongside with the R&D department to produce engaging GUI. If you love graphics and multimedia varieties, you’ll love being our Multimedia Intern!

How to join the team?

  • We constantly looking for new talents to join and grow with the company. If you are interested to join us, please follow the instructions below:

Please send:

1) Email with job position as the title [Email us here]

2) Cover Letter (include internship position)

3) Resume/CV

Hiring Process

1) You submit job application

2) We will review your cover letter and resume

3) If you are matched with any current vacancies, we will send you The “Authentic Venture” Questionnaire

4) We will review your answers to compare suitability. Selected candidates will be called for interview by the HR and the head of department.

5) If you ace the first interview, you will be called for the final interview with COO/CEO.

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