October 20, 2017


Finegic is a cloud-based financial technology management solution specifically designed for organizations who are looking to manage their financial data online easily. Finegic is comprised of different applications (but can be integrated should you prefer to use more than one apps) which also include Loan Management and Companies Monitoring Management. With Finegic Loan Management, you can easily manage, calculate and monitor the loans that you provide to your clients all at one place – right at your fingertips.


Standard Module & Functionalities:

  1.  Loan Management 



This module manages your borrowers. You can view the list of your borrowers, the details of the loan, loan balances, last payment received and the next payment due date.

      2.  Revision Management

Under Revision Management, here you are able to review and revise the loan contracts and also be able to set and view the following such as set balance amount, payment frequency, interest rate, terms and condition and repayment schedule.


3. Reminder Management

We understand that sending frequent reminders manually will consume a lot of your time. Therefore, the system is designed to help you to manage the reminders automatically.


For more information, visit us at Finegic

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