January 16, 2016

Our Products

officecentral-logo-medium OfficeCentral

A comprehensive solution specially designed for SMEs. It enables the CEOs to control and manage their companies 24/7 from anywhere with ease. OfficeCentral is a leading enterprise management solution for SME which include HRMS (Human Resources Management System), Payroll, Accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and POS (Point of Sale). All solutions are in the cloud to enable full control at minimal cost.

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assetcentrallogo_med AssetCentral

Venture AssetCentral provides comprehensive management and maintenance of assets including vehicles, facilities and IT Asset (Asset Management CAMS, Maintenance Management CMMS, IT Asset Management ITAM).

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assetcentrallogo_med AssetCentral IT Asset Management System

Our IT Asset Management offers automatic discovery of hardware, software, software licenses, software usage, version and drivers saving your time.


Zioola is designed to make managing projects more effective! With the goal to let team members communicate better and have one stop center to keep all projects’ data, Zioola will be the only thing you need to keep your project going (and even more effective and convenient)!

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images TenderAsia

A comprehensive portal that collects all tenders and request for quotations (RFQ) in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and other Asian countries. TenderAsia is designed to help users to be alerted on any tenders published in thousands of websites across Asia. No need to go to the hundreds of websites everyday looking for relevant tenders, let TenderAsia help you.

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Are your employees spending too much time on social networks, non-productive surfing and chatting? Use our eTrax today to keep track of your employees’ activities and performance. By using our eTrax, you will be able to improve your employees’ performance exponentially!


AsseTrax is an advanced laptop tracking software that enables you to track your laptop anywhere in the world. AsseTrax is the solution that you have been looking for to track your laptop and recover it when it is stolen.