January 21, 2016



AssetCentral is developed for organization to manage their asset more efficiently and effectively. Asset could be facilities, IT asset, equipment, vehicle fleet, buildings, furniture or machinery. The pressure for organisation to perform asset management efficiently with limited manpower and limited resources is increasingly felt. As such there is a growing trend for organization to manage their Asset using computerized solutions nowadays. The need becomes extremely urgent when the company grows bigger, when they need to manage hundreds or thousands of asset in multiple locations with many different and changing owners. Assets need to be registered with the detailed specification and information, asset movement need to be tracked, ownership changes need to be managed, maintenance need to be planned and managed, insurance need to be monitored, asset value and asset depreciation need to be calculated, asset need to be inspected or audited, asset lost or asset disposal need to be done according to company procedure. Mobile application is provided for very efficient complaint management and booking system. The system can read Asset QR code or barcode.

AssetCentral E-Asset provides the following modules:



Being designed using web technology the system allows remote operation using web at very low cost.


AssetCentral e-Maintenance is developed for organization to manage their Asset Maintenance more efficiently and effectively. Maintenance management is one of the key asset management process in the organization that can be efficiently done by computerization.



Complaint management provides the fault reporting, verification of the complaint and assignment of work orders. Mobile application integrate GPS location and picture into the system. The QR code application enables the Mobile to increase the efficiency of the maintenance team.

E-Maintenance provide in depth tracking of maintenance activities, cost, manpower, standard hours and cost, fault causes, material and manpower cost and a comprehensive reporting.

Spares and equipment are linked such that the system is friendly enough to suggest relevant spares for relevant equipment.

The system also takes care of maintenance done by internal staff or contracted to outside company or contractors. Contractors are able to log into the system to view work orders and submit reports directly into the system.

KPI tracking of contractor or staff maintenance performance may be implemented. The time taken to respond or to complete request may be the basis for KPI tracking.

As a summary e-Maintenance provides the following benefits:

  • Use of e-Maintenance Increases Plant Availability
  • Use of Maintenance Software Lowers Operating Costs
  • Use of Maintenance Software Prolongs Asset Life
  • Use of e-Maintenance Reduces Spare Part Inventories
  • e-Maintenance Planned Maintenance provides Schedule Improvement
  • e-Maintenance Software Provides Access to Statistics
  • e-Maintenance Software Helps ISO Accreditation
  • e-Maintenance provides Conformity with Health and Safety Standards

Being designed using web technology the system allows access 24/7 from anywhere with minimum cost and hassle.


AssetCentral IT Asset Management (ITAM) is developed for organization to manage their IT asset more efficiently and effectively. The IT Asset covers servers, work stations, printers, laptops and computer accessories.

Specialized Module such Software License Management will help organization to mange their software licenses and ensure they are within the legal requirements.

AssetCentral IT Asset Management (ITAM) provides additional features specifically for on-line asset such as Personal Computers, Servers, Printers and Network. E-Asset for IT provides all the features in the traditional asset management plus the following advantages:

  • Use Venture AssetXplorer to automate PC audits so you no longer need to conduct hardware and software inventories by hand.
  • User e-IT Asset so you will remain compliant by reconciling the number of licenses installed across your network with purchasing data. In Malaysia the Copyright Act makes directors and management personally liable on copyright infringement.
  • You can Improve the way you manage all hardware and software components
  • You can more accurately oversee IT purchase contracts, user licenses, and leases.
  • You can avoid overspending on software by obtaining data on unused licenses.
  • You can plan for technology upgrades and migrations by revealing which PCs do not meet minimum hardware and software requirements.
  • You will reduce help desk costs by giving support agents instant visibility into individual PC configurations and software installations.
  • You can enforce desktop standards by identifying and blocking applications that pose security risks, degrade network performance, or damage productivity.
  • You can comply to the ISO 19770-1:2006 International Standard for Software Asset Management that has been developed to enable an organization to prove that it is performing software asset management (SAM) to a standard sufficient to satisfy corporate governance requirements and ensure effective support for IT service management overall.
  • Being designed using web technology the system allows remote operation using web at very low cost.



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