October 20, 2017

IP Central

IPCentral is a system to help you manage your Intellectual Properties effectively. It brings together your inventors, reviews and decision decision makers in a platform that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation in managing intellectual properties from creation, to decision, to funding to commercialization.



IPCentral have a number of modules to manage your Intellectual Properties (IP):

  • Invention Disclosure Module
  • Portfolio Management
  • Commercial Management

Invention Disclosure Module

Ideas are the key to your organisation success. You must encourage and nurture the ideas and protect them from the earliest stage. The IPCentral provides you with an automated workflow for invention disclosure, review, and decision-making.

Portfolio Management

The IP Portfolio Management module is a centralized repository for all the IPs generated by the organisation. It covers:

  1. List of all IPs generated by the company. The module provides a central database of IP case files, in which all correspondence and email between agents, inventors, administrators and related parties is stored in the electronic case file to provide a single source of information.
  2. The system have document management capability by means of attached designs, prior art, reviewer notes, correspondence, and more.
  3. The IP and Patent portfolio classification is done by by technology cluster, research areas, product groups and other business factors. This will enable more efficient classification and analysis.
  4. Workflows for drafting and filing for IPs in Malaysia and international. Workflow management for each prosecution process, this include IP applications, office actions, response to office actions, notice of grant, renewals and more.
  5. Annuity review. Annuity review and approval process is triggered at a pre-determined schedule to let participants provide their input to the decision. This streamlined process saves money on maintaining non-core patents every year.
  6. Budgeting and Invoicing Management. The module provide a comprehensive budget management with estimates and actual cost management for each services rendered by agents and relevant parties. The module provides for complete and updated budget status and helps in budget formulation.

Commercial Management

You can use this module to leverage your intellectual property assets thoroughly and efficiently. The module simplifies commitment, license, and royalty tracking to increase revenue, reduce risks, and make enforcement easier.

For more information, visit us at IPCentral

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