January 21, 2016


TenderAsia is a platform where entrepreneurs and business people can find all tenders from small to the largest in one single platform. By using TenderAsia entrepreneurs will be alerted to all tenders that are related to their business.


What TenderAsia does best is to gather all tender information and request for quotation from thousands of websites all over the world, especially in Malaysia and Asean countries. Every day entrepreneurs will be given access to hundreds or thousands of new tenders. Of course TenderAsia will not spam them with unrelated information. The alert will ensure they are informed on relevant tenders.

One of the major weakness of typical competitor is only to host tenders above certain millions. This will only help large companies, and not smaller companies run by entrepreneurs. In TenderAsia all tenders are available, even though it is one thousand ringgit.

In 2015 when AFTA kicks in, entrepreneurs across ASEAN countries are allowed to bid for jobs and services in the group. TenderAsia is the only tender platform that have all the tenders, no matter how small or how big in a single database. Entrepreneurs can now get access to tenders across Asia.

TenderAsia is run by a robotic software that do data gathering automatically based on the robot programming. As such TenderAsia will give you the tender information day in and day out without fail. Because it is robotic, TenderAsia will give you huge amount of information with very competitive pricing. We share the cost savings with our customers.