January 30, 2016

Zioola Project Management System

ZioolaLogoZioola is designed to make managing projects more effective! With the goal to let team members communicate better and have one stop center to keep all projects’ data, Zioola will be the only thing you need to keep your project going (and even more effective and convenient)!

“Throw away your files and papers because you don’t need them anymore!”
That’s our goal.

Managing project is never an easy task.

According to Carnegie Mellon, 25% to 40% of all spending on projects is wasted as a result of re-work[1].

According to PMI®, many project practitioners have observed that over 90% of project issues arise due to communication problems.

According to Meta Group Research, 60-80% of project failures can be attributed directly to poor requirements gathering, analysis, and management[2].

The above has proven how communications and managements are important in ensuring the success of a project. Real-life projects are either wasting lots of resources or deemed fail because of the poor structure in management. The entire project could turn into a mess if someone in the team misplaced just a file. Project failures are not just expensive, it could have a negative consequences to the image of the company and the project team.

The traditional way of managing project is time-consuming and deemed to human mistakes.

Data is transferred using paper means or stand-alone data sheet.
Having a piece of paper to hold your project’s data is an expensive risk. Although we’re becoming a lot more intelligent by keeping copies and versions of copies, would you still risk having forgotten to copy the data and lost your copy, hence having to re-write the whole document again?

Decision making is difficult and project simulation is impossible due to independent data.
How’d you know that your deliverables are late? Would you check the due date every day to ensure that everything is on time? How about doing project simulation? Would you need to get an assistant to simulate the data for you and will have to wait for a week for you to actually know what’s going on in the project?

Tracking payments are hard with multiple papers (and claims, and receipts) in hand.
You have all the documents needed – but when asked whether or not the claims are already paid – you’ll need to check with your finance officers whether or not the claims are already paid. Have the contractors submit the claim? It’s hard to track payments and claims with only one person being the person holding all the documents. What if the person resigned and no longer work for you? Wouldn’t you need some time to train the replacement, hence costing you more?

Remote reviews and out-of-office approvals can’t be done.
Are you or your manager always have to go elsewhere – overseas, business meeting – and never really stay at the office? How would approvals be done? How would you, as a manager, going to review all updates going on in the project? As managers, you’d like to know what’s going on in the project, without having to stay at the office (or call in) to know what’s going on. Approvals on documents and claims can’t be done unless you are physically in the office.

With the traditional way of managing the projects, projects are slower to be completed and less hands-on. Each person in the team holds large responsibilities in the data they are assigned to, hence, being more expensive if there’s any team changes. Every little change in the project would cost a lot – learning curves would be time-consuming, thus causing the cost of the project rises up.

As project managers, we’d all love to have an easy-to-use, yet effective project management system to make managing project look more seamless and becomes more successful!

Zioola is designed to cater each and every needs and problems stated above. Excited? Read on!

[1] Hass, Kathleen B. “Business Analysis Center of Excellence.” Projects @ Work. 18 May 2007. Web. 10 Mar. 2010.

[2] Hass, Kathleen B. “The Business Analyst as Strategist.” Business Analyst Times. 28 Dec. 2007. Web. 10 Mar. 2010.

zioola screenshots

Zioola is a web application that is specifically developed to provide a more comprehensive, yet seamless way of managing projects. The target markets are ranged from the smaller to bigger teams; with options of having contractors and consultants to also provide input in the project as well.

With a large projects being started and operated every year, the effort of monitoring the progress, cost, delays, problems and cost overruns can be very overwhelming. Zioola is designed to help managers and team alike to stay in control with everything without doing much work.


Zioola targets to help teams to manage projects more effectively – having said that, Zioola is designed specifically to cater to the objectives below:

  1. Provide a communication platform to team members to share feedback, assign task or even conduct a meeting.
  2. One-stop center to gather project information; inclusive of discussions and documents sharing within the project itself.
  3. Provide an overview of the project’s progress; inclusive of Gantt Charts to keep track of each team’s progress.
  4. Provide a task management module in which anyone (themselves or team members) could assign tasks to the user for user to be notified and mark when completed.
  5. (Extra) Provide a platform for consultants and contractors to be able to update progress and submit claims through the system for approvals from project manager.

For more information and to sign up for a free trial with Zioola, please click here.